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We all love writing at Lane End - even the teachers!

Writing Champion


Miss Turnbull is our subject champion for writing here at Lane End, and is part of the 'The World and Words' Curriculum Team. She has a clear vision for this area of the curriculum in our primary school and aims to ensure that every child will learn to write by being given real and exciting materials and opportunities, embedded in a systematic and progressive writing curriculum model within the ‘Lane End Milestones’.


She has thought carefully about the design of the Lane End writing curriculum, and wants children to both know how and when to use key writing skills. She has planned for writing opportunities to be utilised in the wider learning themes and topics that are to being taught in each year group, and to make sure that children have chance to apply their Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar understanding in these activities.  Miss Turnbull wants all children to believe and understand that writing has a real purpose so that they approach this subject with real passion and enthusiasm.


Our children will learn a breadth of grammatical knowledge, acquire vocabulary and understanding, develop and apply their skills as writers each year as they move through school. Miss Turnbull believes that by sharing excellent writing the children will feel inspired to, and aspire to, emulate a variety of writing styles.


Children at Lane End are encouraged to read their work for enjoyment, to read it aloud to others and to develop a real sense of audience when writing.


Miss Turnbull feels passionately that she wants the children at Lane End to be enthusiastic, lively writers with an innate desire to read for pleasure – both the writing of a range of authors, and work produced themselves. She wants to ensure that the children experience quality, engaging texts that stimulate them to write in lessons. She works with all our teachers, so that they have excellent subject knowledge, that will support the children to achieve their potential.


We teach children at Lane End to write using a cursive script from the beginning of their time here. We know that using a cursive script helps most children become more confident, fluent writers.


Miss Turnbull wants children to leave our school, fully equipped with the literacy skills they may need to achieve their dreams and aspirations in future life.


Below is an sample of the Lane End Writing Milestones. The key objectives develop the children's knowledge, skills, understanding, and build and progress each year.


There is also an example of a topic map. Here you will see some of the ways writing and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) can be used and applied across all subjects in school.

We are authors!

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