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Writing Champion


Miss Rajchel is thrilled to be our subject champion for writing (she is forever grabbing anyone who happens to be passing by to get them to listen to some brilliant snippet of children’s writing!).


Writing is currently at a very exciting stage of development at Lane End as Miss Rajchel is in the process of building on the successes of the past to reshape a writing curriculum that promises to further inspire our children to become avid writers, readers and lovers of literature. She has a clear vision for this area of the primary curriculum and how children can be supported in becoming confident, proficient and enthusiastic writers for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts through a rich diet of authors, differing media and genres.


In order for children to not only hone their writing skills from piece to piece but embed their knowledge of differing styles of writing, children will revisit genres as they travel up through school, following a teaching sequence that involves the study of vocab and text structure, analysis of teacher models, sharing of ideas and the planning, drafting and editing of their own pieces, all while practising elements of punctuation and grammar along the way. In so doing, the children will gain experience of recounts, newspaper reports, adventure stories, traditional tales, persuasive arguments, adverts and instructional writing (and many more!) throughout their time at Lane End, studying the likes of David McKee, Carol Ann Duffy, Roald Dahl, Philip Pullman, Judith Kerr, Ted Hughes and Shakespeare. 


So that our children are enthused, their imagination stilulated and their learning consolidated, our writing curriculum incorporates the use of ongoing topic work, school trips, discussion, art and drama workshops into the proceedings. 


And alongside all of this, children are taught a wide range of spelling rules, punctuation and grammar concepts (your child may refer to this as SPaG) that they practise through all manner of activities and are then encouraged to apply to their writing, so making it all the more engaging, effective, succinct, accurate and purposeful. 


All these approaches and stimuli aim for the teaching of writing at Lane End to be progressive, meaning that the skills the children are taught are built on year on year, from early mark-making, letter formation and role play-inspired writing in Early Years to experienced and effective writers who consider tone and the nuance and power of words in Year 6, in the hope that these skills will be firmly embedded for life.

Photos of just some of the incredible writing going on at Lane End to come. Watch this space!