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What are Lane End Super Learning Powers?

A key part of our approach to the personal development of all our pupils, and as part of your overall wider social and moral curriculum and ethos, is the use and application of our ‘Super Learning Powers’ framework.


Our 6 ‘Super Learning Heroes’ each have a set of different learning behaviours and key skills (‘Super Learning Powers’) linked to their attributes e.g. ‘Responsible Reggie’ makes good choices and is safe. Children are introduced to our Super Learning Heroes as soon as they start at Lane End and staff are constantly modelling and reinforcing what learning behaviours we are looking for the children to develop, acquire and demonstrate.


Our children in Early Years Foundation Stage are introduced to a new ‘Super Learning Hero’ each half term so they can begin to understand the unique learning behaviours we look for with each hero – and so that they can aspire to have and show these qualities which will help them to become Lane End Super Learning Heroes too.


Our 6 Super Learning Power Heroes are:


Responsible Reggie

Independent Iqra

Reflective Ralph

Collaborative Cara

Thoughtful Theo

Resourceful Rea


Our super learning goals for each ‘hero’ are progressive and as the children continue through school the skills and expectations for each Super Learning Hero increases, so they are age appropriate and aspirational. Staff will be spotting these key skills on a daily basis and discussing them in class, during lunchtime and generally around school at all times. The Super Learning Heroes are also discussed and used throughout daily teaching times to allow the children the opportunity to practice and refine their skills.


As a special acknowledgment for those children seen effectively demonstrating one of the Super Learning Powers, special ‘Super Hero Capes’ are given for the child to wear - so everyone can celebrate the achievement of the young person who has demonstrated the super skill. Our older children are given lanyards to celebrate their achievements in being a super learning hero. This high visibility system allows staff and other children throughout school to share in the achievement and to ask the child what skill they have shown.


This also has the benefit of ensuring the expectation of these attributes are constantly reinforced, modeled and celebrated at all times. Each Super Hero has a different coloured cape/lanyard so staff and children can notice immediately which Super Learning Power the child has demonstrated.


During our Achievement Assembly every week staff share what Super Learning Hero attribute their chosen star of the week child has demonstrated.