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‘Learn and Believe, Aspire and Achieve’

Team Around The Child

At Lane End Primary School we have a fantastic team of staff supporting our pupils on their learning journey. We are a very diverse team and our staff always go the extra mile in supporting our families and children.

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The children are told from the earliest opportunity right from Nursery that they can talk to anyone in school if they have any problems, worries or concerns.



The staff with specialist training and responsibility for safeguarding and child protection in school are Mrs Hopwood, Mr Tabiner, Mrs Sadler, Mrs Waddington and Mr Hawksworth.

Pastoral Team


The pastoral and behaviour inclusion team is led by Mr Tabiner.


In our pastoral team we have Mrs Sadler and Mrs Waddington. Mr Hawksworth is also part of this team and works closely with key children and families all around behaviour and inclusion. Mrs Sadler is the pastoral lead.


The pastoral team play an essential role in school to ensure all our pupils are safe and their physical and emotional needs are been met.  They have a wider role in supporting our most vulnerable pupils and their families.


Families that are struggling with any issues including and related to mental health and well-being will be supported by this team. They work alongside the JESS cluster and families who need additional support at home will be supported by a Family Support Worker.


The pastoral team can support with any issues are families are facing including -


* Domestic Violence

* Physical and Mental Health

* Housing

* Issues at home such as issues with children's behaviour and their well-being

* Money related issues such as benefits


These information posters below are placed all over school for the pupils to remember someone is always available to listen to them about any of their worries, concerns or emotions.




Behaviour and Inclusion Team


We also have a fantastic behaviour support team. Mr Hawksworth is the team leader which also includes Miss Moffat, Miss Ellis and Miss Mitchell.


This team works exceptional hard in school to ensure all our pupils are ready to learn and have the right mindset for learning.


Sometimes some of our pupils might need additional time to talk about what is on their mind, what they need to help them learn or simply some time to calm or a 'Restorative Practice' conversation. This team will use a range of strategies and approaches to give each pupil the bespoke support they need.


All children are different and this is always taken into account in order for them to reach their full potential.

Right Adult, Right Time


The pastoral and behaviour inclusion team work with many pupils throughout school on a 1:1 or group basis. These sessions are called 'interventions' and will work with a pupil/s on a particular issue they might be struggling with or just to give them a little nudge in the right direction. This could include support with developing friendship, social and communication skills. Or it could be focusing on a very specific issue such as recognising and dealing with feelings and emotions.


Examples of interventions:


* Guiding Lights

*Talk and Draw (Art Therapy)

* Lego Therapy

* Friendship Group

* Social Skills Group

* Anger Management

* 1:1 Emotional Literacy Work


We also use the JESS cluster to seek out other professionals our children might need including more specialist counselling and therapy.