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People Who Help Us

This half term we are learning about people that help us. Last week we learnt all about doctors and nurses. The children enjoyed listening to the story 'Ness the Nurse' by Nick Sharrat. We talked about what doctors and nurses do; where they work and how they help to make us better. The children enjoyed dressing up as doctors and nurses in our role-play area.

We have also learnt about how the vets look after poorly animals. The children enjoyed the story ' Mog and the V.E.T' by Judith Kerr. They then talked about their own experiences of taking their own pets to the vets. Mrs Warren brought Olive (our school dog) down to Reception. The children asked Mrs Warren some questions about Olive such as 'Has Olive ever been to the vets?' 'What does Olive like to eat?' 'Has Olive ever been poorly?' etc.. The children also enjoyed dressing up as vets and looking after the poorly animals in Willow class!

Mog and the V.E.T - Judith Kerr

One day Mog was chasing a butterfly when something happened to her paw. It was very sore. So sore that she couldn't eat or sleep.