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Visions and Values


Our Mission Statement


Lane End Primary strives to create a safe environment where children are able to achieve their potential in all aspects of their learning.


We will achieve this by creating a learning environment and community which is stimulating, challenging, inclusive and enjoyable.


Lane End aims to promote self-esteem and belief, confidence, aspiration, respect to self and others, and responsibility for the community.


We capture this in our school motto:

Learn and believe, aspire and achieve


We want our children to LEARN….


….to respect themselves and others

…the skills and values that will allow them to be successful and happy in school and beyond

…to be a supportive team member


We want all our children to BELIEVE….


…that they are important, and a responsible part of something ‘bigger’

….that they can and should have confidence and belief in themselves as unique individuals

…that with confidence, self-esteem and an open mind, they can achieve anything


We want all our children to ASPIRE to….


….be a good role model

…to be the best they can be

…to develop and follow their own dreams, goals and ambitions



We want all our children to ACHIEVE….



….their goals and potential

….faith, positivity and the bravery to experience new things