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‘Learn and Believe, Aspire and Achieve’

Elder Class Year 6B

Important Updates


Your child needs their own named water bottle every day (water only).


Please come to school wearing your PE kit on TUESDAYS.


Please encourage your child to read 10-15 minutes of their 'show off' book to you every day - signatures = tokens and tokens = class treats!


Email to contact your child's class teacher.

Class Gallery

Here are a selection of photographs showing you what we have been learning about over the last two half terms. Have a look at the other parts of our page too, especially our recent topic page to see what else we have been up to.


In the run-up to Christmas, Elder learned about how the French celebrate Christmas.

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ART: In art, the Year 6s have been concentrating on drawing - lettering/graphics, shading. reflection, shadowing and form - as well as using the media of charcoal and paint to create atmospheric pictures related to one of our writing texts, 'The Highwayman'. We are now concentrating our efforts on painting - creating mood colour palettes...

SCIENCE: In science, we have been building on our prior knowledge of electrical circuits, building in series circuits, drawing circuit diagrams, modifying our circuits to make the various components faster/slower, louder/softer or brighter/dimmer, culminating in making a sensor burglar alarm to catch the likes of Goldilocks and the Big Bad Wolf! We are also learning about light and seeing and have been learning about the structure of the eye and how we see things.

Burglar alarm!

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MUSIC/COMPUTING: In music, the Year 6s have been continuing their work with music/computing specialists Junior Jam on rhythm - which includes using boomwhackers with real purpose! - and recording our compositions digitally with the use of iPads.

WRITING: In writing, the children have taken on the role of a welcoming presence to a newcomer in school through 'The Boy at the Back of the Class', writing an autobiographical postcard; they have also taken on the role of roving reporters to produce journalistic articles on well-known fairytales. They are also in the process of drawing up 'legal' this space!

READING: As reading detectives, the Year 6s have been working hard to decipher a range of differing texts, from biographical accounts and cautionary tales to tales of mystery and narrative poetry.

SPaG: In SPaG, the Year 6s have been working incredibly hard to improve their understanding of the multitude of SPaG concepts out there and to improve their ability to write with increasing sophistication by working on speech punctuation, subordinating conjunctions, tenses...the list goes on! They have also been building up their repertoire of rules and patterns in spelling with regular spelling practice.

RE: In RE, the children have been learning about Sikhism and the main aspects of this fascinating religion.

PHSE: As part of our ongoing commitment to guiding our pupils towards making informed decisions, we invited someone from the Peace Museum in Bradford to come in to speak with the children. The Year 6s were incredible in terms of the maturity they exhibited when discussing the importance of tolerance and questioning both pictorial and written information, and the potential impact of propaganda. The children have also been considering the impact of photoshopping in advertising, magazines and social media, what makes them different and valuable, and considering how kindness can change the world for the better, one word at a time.

PE: To complement the work done in PE, the Year 6s also took part in a session with visiting athletes - one of whom is a former Olympian! The children took the challenge all in their stride (see what I did there?!) and completed lap after lap after lap, sometimes sprinting or jogging or walking...but never stopping! What absolute superstars.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH/BAME WORK: To acknowledgement the contribution BAME individuals have made to all our lives, and to mark Black History Month, the Year 6s researched two key figures: former president, Barack Obama, and the lesser-known but quite incredible WW2 spy, Noor Inayat Khan.

REMEMBRANCE DAY: The Year 6s showed great maturity once more when learning about why we pause for a minute's silence on 11th November each year and why people often choose to wear poppies.

ANTI-BULLYING WEEK: Combining script-writing, science work on shadows and PHSE work on what constitutes bullying and how we might tackle issues relating to bullying, the Year 6s performed mini shadow puppet scenarios.

HERD FARMMMMMMMM! The children had an incredible time on residential at Herd Farm to kick start their Year 6 adventure and showed teamwork, a readiness to get stuck in, to step out of their comfort zone and to have unbridled fun! This very much set the tone for the year and we cannot wait to see what these amazing individuals achieve this year.

Lane End Challenges

Here at Lane End, as we ‘learn and believe, aspire and achieve’, we are faced with many new experiences and challenges.

Some of these arrive as special ‘Lane End Challenges’!


Some challenges will help us to be important parts of wider teams and communities.

Some challenges will let us learn about and try new things we might never have done before – and sometimes we will have to be brave to try!

Some challenges will help us to develop new skills that we will need in everyday life.

Some challenges will make us think about our futures, and help us to develop our own hopes, goals and aspirations.

Many challenges will make us use our voices – so that we can share our ideas, and communicate what we know and think.


Look at the links below to find out what we have been up to and what we have successfully completed so far this year.


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