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All the teachers were asked to think carefully and then nominate a pupil from each year group that has demonstrated excellence in Science.

Teachers considered the Lane End skills and attributes of Skilful Scientists that we want to develop in our children.

They were to put forward pupils that show a real flair for the subject, are working hard with determination to build their knowledge, skills and understanding in that curriculum area, and work with passion and enthusiasm. They were to choose children that were a learning role model for others, and deserved the recognition for this.

Then the final nominations were in and the overall winner chosen.

Click below to see all the Lane End Skilful Scientists!

Science Champion 


Miss Miles is our subject champion for science here at Lane End.  She has a clear vision, and high ambition for science in our school – and wants children to be inquisitive and skilful scientists, curious about the world around them, who are able to ask questions about natural phenomena and conduct scientific investigations for themselves. Miss Miles wants the children of Lane End to build up a body of key scientific knowledge and concepts, while developing the scientific skills to become keen scientists of the future.


Miss Miles has thought carefully about the design of the science curriculum and organised it to best support the needs of our pupils here at Lane End Primary School. A progressive approach to key concepts across each key stage is mapped out according to the National Curriculum objectives. The curriculum is then further mapped out according to the ‘working scientifically’ aspect of the curriculum. Children will become competent scientists when they are able to work securely with the working scientifically aims for their age and stage, while developing key knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts. These have been mapped out across each year group to ensure coverage and opportunities to embed and develop these key skills throughout the year.


In order for children to be confident, competent scientists, they must be able to ‘talk like a scientist.’ Key vocabulary is taught explicitly in each unit of science work, within each year group, which children will be exposed to and given the opportunity to use in differing contexts, with confidence, competency and increasing fluency in their understanding. This vocabulary is then built upon in a progressive manner throughout topics and key stages.   


Science in its nature allows for excitement, awe and wonder. Miss Miles is dedicated to developing a science curriculum that inspires, excites and enthuses the learners at Lane End Primary School. Science has changed our lives and Miss Miles believes that it is imperative that children learn the works of important scientists who have shaped the world that they live in. She is developing a bank of key scientists for children to learn about across the key stages, to further enhance the science curriculum on offer.


Below is the Lane End science curriculum overview, detailing the de-contextualised key objectives for each area of science, enabling children to understand and build upon their science knowledge and understanding within the scientific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. ‘I can’ statements support the children in their understanding of the learning outcomes, and links to the national curriculum objectives are made within each unit.


Then follows an example of a ‘using and applying scientific skills’ milestone document, available for each year group. Links from the overview are detailed, with corresponding using and applying scientific skills objectives. Key vocabulary enables learners to gain a core set of vocabulary for each unit of work, explicitly planned for and taught.