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Why is Africa so hot?

Our amazing art so far!

We have begun to explore the work of Wassily Kandinsky. We took a virtual walk through an art gallery (Click to load the virtual gallery!)
We listened to a story called 'The Noisy Paintbox' and found out that when Kandinsky was a child, he would 'hear' sounds when he painted with different colours. We talked about how different colours can provoke a range of emotions when we look at them. 

We had lots of fun using watercolour paints to paint/mix primary and secondary colours as well as more vivid poster paints. We noticed how each type of paint made a different effect and we look forward to creating our own masterpieces inspired by Kandinsky.

What a wonderful world!

We enjoyed getting hands on with maps, atlases and globes to help us find the equator, north pole and south pole. We know that places nearest to the equator are the hottest! The globes helped us to understand just how big our wonderful world is. Ask us what we know about continents, countries and cities!