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Religious Education

Religious Education Champion


Miss Haigh is our subject champion for R.E. at Lane End. Miss Haigh is new to the role of R.E. but has a clear vision for this area of the curriculum in our primary school- and wants to make R.E. a vibrant, exciting subject where children are curious to find out about and learn about a wide range of religions and cultures.


At Land End we will be following the ‘Believing and Belonging’ scheme of work which has many engaging and exciting units of work that will allow children to develop a broad understanding of many of the world faiths as well as positively impacting on their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


During religious education lessons, our children are challenged to push themselves to think outside of their personal experience zones and to explore their skills, beliefs and ideas; asking questions at all times whilst experiencing practical lessons.


Our children will develop a broad understanding of world faiths and world views including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. Miss Haigh believes R.E. gives our children the opportunity to widen their understanding of cultural diversity and belonging to a community as well as developing their own sense of belonging.


Through R.E. our children will also have the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. Children will reflect on their own beliefs and values as well as the beliefs and values of others in a respectful way. They will develop a greater understanding of how people of different backgrounds and beliefs may have similar and different values to themselves.


We believe that children learn best through real life experiences in order to encourage curiosity and deepen understanding. Through R.E. lessons and provision, Miss Haigh will support teachers in providing opportunities for our children to experience other religions and cultures by going to visit different places of worship, looking at religious artefacts and having a range of visitors to come and speak about their experiences of different faiths. Children will also be able to use their own knowledge and experiences of their own religions, faith and practices to share with others.

Religious Education (R.E.)


We follow the local authority guidance for the teaching of RE in Leeds schools. Below is the Lane End overview of our RE curriculum, the themes and content covered in each year group.