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Restorative Practice – the Lane End Way

What is Restorative Practice?

Class Community Displays

Our RP Journey


We believe here at Lane End that our whole school ethos and vision along with Restorative Practice promotes and priorities building and developing strong relationships and friendships. This makes everyone in school happier and more likely to achieve their full potential.


We know that a whole school restorative approach can contribute to:

· Happier and safer schools

· Mutually respectful relationships

 · More effective teaching and learning

· Raised attendance

· Addresses bullying behaviour

· Raises morale and self esteem

· Helps promote a culture of inclusion and belonging

· Increases emotional literacy


We have already been on an incredible journey with remarkable results already. We are growing and developing with the aim for all our pupils to be restorative within the next 3 years. Our younger children are building and developing their emotional literacy and are already embracing our restorative approach. Our older children are our role models and are proving to be successful RP Reps.



Our RP Reps


The proactive work that our RP Reps do is based around friendships, play and community building. The RP Reps work proactively each playtime and lunchtime and encourage everyone to play fairly with one another. They ensure that everyone has a friend and is welcome to play. The RP reps are a very active group around school, and they work brilliantly alongside the adults.


When something has gone wrong, or is going wrong, the RP Reps work reactively to support children to repair relationships as quickly as possible. They are able to work independently with minimal support from adults.


We are incredibly proud of the role that our RP Reps play in school. Pupil voice circles have shown that our children respect and value them highly. As a result of the work that the RP Reps do, our children say that playtimes are happy and safe. The work that the Reps do outside is preventative and proactive, which means that children come back into class much more content and ready to learn. We are really proud of this.


Applying to become an RP Rep


Our RP Rep team will be increasing over the next few months. Applications will be distributed to years 3-6 and interviews will take place shortly afterwards.

Training is provided over six sessions and the children are presented with a certificate and lanyard on completion. We have an official graduation assembly!

We have regular ongoing supervision groups during the week and half term meetings for all the reps to attend.

Our long-term goal is to have all children in our school trained to become a RP Rep. Keep checking our webpage to see our progress over the next few months.

What do our RP Reps think? Pupil Voice is key!


Lane End is very proud of our ethos and approach to being a restorative school. It is important that our children have a voice and feel listened to.


We regularly send out questionnaires for our children to complete. It helps us to understand and address any issues of concern but reminds us what we are getting right.


Prior to our January meeting we sent out questionnaires. The response was amazing and has really emphasised how important being a restorative school is.


Below are some responses from our children.


What is it like to be a RP rep at Lane End?

“You get to help people and friendships come together” Avneet - Year 3

“You help friends” Amara - Year 3

“Amazing” Izzy - Year 4

“It is a really fun but also serious job. I love helping people cheer up. I love my job.” Elisa - Year 4

“Fun and important” Jenny -  Year 5

“It is amazing” Aleena - Year 5

“I love it” Lucas - Year 6


How do we support one another?

“You ask if they need something” Mikola - Year 3

“By helping” Evie - Year 3

“By working together” David - Year 4

“Be thoughtful, responsible, respectful” Havisha – Year 4

“By letting each other talk” Joshua – Year 5

“Helping them and supporting them through the times when it gets hard” Susie year 6

“Help people through their emotions” Kylan - Year 6

“I help them out and if they need a second hand I am always there” Layla – Grace – year 6

“As a family” Urfan – Year 6

“By listening to other people’s opinion and respecting them”  Rayyan - Year 6


Tell us about a proud moment whilst being a RP rep?

“When two children was about to not be best friends anymore and I made them happy again” Vicky – Year 3

“My friend was sad so I made them happy” Amara - Year 3

“When we graduated training” Jessy – Year 4

“When I solved my first RP circle” Mariyah – Year 4

“When I did a circle and the next day at playtime the 2 people were really happy and they said ‘Thank you’. They are now good friends” Zakia – Year 5

“The first time wearing a lanyard” Yara – Year 5

“When I solved my first circle. I was so proud of myself” Isobelle – Year 6


We are super proud of all of our children at Lane End. They have embraced our restorative approach just as we knew they would!


Thank you so much to those of you who are already RP reps. We are super excited to watch our team grow. Watch this space...