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This page tells you about our reading vision and curriculum. Please continue scrolling for information on this.


If you would like to see specific information on reading for parents and to see what reading events we have enjoyed in school, please click on the link below.

Reading Champion


Mrs Shaw is our subject champion for reading here at Lane End. She has a clear vision for this area of the curriculum in our primary school and aims to ensure that every child will learn to read and love to read by being given enjoyable materials and opportunities for all types of reading thinking and learning, embedded in a systematic and progressive reading curriculum model.


She has thought carefully about the design of the Lane End reading and phonics curriculum, and wants children to both know how and when to use key reading skills. She wants their reading experiences to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to decode print, develop them as fluent readers with stamina for reading large amounts of text and to allow them to understand and interpret the information and messages they are being given through texts.


She wants their reading to enable them to understand the meaning of thousands of new words and allow them to become articulate writers and speakers equipped for the demands of their futures.


Our children will enjoy a wide range and breadth of text types including poetry, fiction and non-fiction set out in the Lane End Reading Diet. They will read books linked to their interests as well as linked to the curriculum and this will support them to open their minds and maintain a joy in reading. 


Mrs Shaw has planned the curriculum carefully so that phonics is taught systematically from Nursery upwards. Children access phonics sessions for as long as they need to so that they can be effective readers, regardless of their starting point. Early reading opportunities will be available well beyond the Early Years to support children in ‘developing their ear’ for as long as they need to. They will receive teaching on 'tricky' word reading too. Children have regular opportunities to embed their decoding and comprehension skills in taught one to one sessions as early readers and in whole class sessions as their reading strength increases.


Children at Lane End are encouraged to read for pleasure through the texts read to them, their access to libraries and parents are supported, encouraged and provided with the means to read to their children. Mrs Shaw is passionate that parent support for reading is nurtured and enabled and parents are recognised as key supporters in reading success for their child. They bring home a library book chosen by them for pleasure and a book carefully selected by their teacher and matched to their independent reading level which allows them to develop stamina and fluency.


Mrs Shaw wants the children at Lane End to be effective, engaged readers with a desire to read for pleasure. She works with all our teachers, in order that they develop excellent subject knowledge and reading pedagogy so that our children can achieve their potential. 


She has embedded a systematic phonics reading programme that helps the children to progressively work through phonics skills. In Key Stage 2, this continues for as long as is needed. It supports children with phonics and spelling regardless of their entry point. 


She has designed a curriculum that enables children to progressively build and develop their comprehension skills from Nursery through to Year 6 within whole class and story sessions, so that they have a deepening understanding of the texts they read and share and become confident Reading Detectives, developing a wide range of specific comprehension skills including Retrieving Information, Understanding Language, Inference, Prediction, Author Impact, Expression and Summarising. They know when and how to use these skills to enhance their reading understanding and experiences. 



Teaching of Phonics Statutory Information


We are passionate about helping your child to become confident and competent readers as we know this will help them to access all other areas of learning, as well as develop a love of reading. 


Here at Lane End we use Little Wandle as our core scheme, supplemented with a range of reading and phonic resources to help your child learn to read and to understand how words are built for both reading and writing. 


We use Little Wandle as our structured programme which supports our children to develop phonic skills and knowledge rapidly. The Little Wandle pupil reading books are supplemented with other phonically matched texts including Collins Big Cat Letters and Sounds books that will support all our children's journey to becoming readers. The reading books our children take home to do further practice are organised in challenge levels.


We give our parents lots of additional information on how they can support their children in the use of these materials and with other wider reading activities at home. 


Please look at the area of our website dedicated to reading, look at information on class pages and of course, speak to your child's teachers at any time for any help, support and guidance you may need.