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Mathematics Champion


Mr Black is our subject champion for Maths here at Lane End. He has a clear vision, and high ambition, for this area of the curriculum in our primary school - and wants the children to become confident and resilient mathematicians who are able to tackle a range of problems and challenges in lots of different contexts. Mr Black wants the children at Lane End to be excited by maths and engaged in their mathematical learning.


He has thought carefully about the design of the Lane End Mathematics curriculum, and worked hard to organise it in the best way for pupils here at Lane End.  We teach the National Curriculum objectives progressively and use the White Rose blocks of maths as a foundation for our long-term maps. Our curriculum is then further broken down into smaller, manageable steps with the aim that the children continually build and fully secure their understanding of mathematical concepts. 


All aspects of maths are taught in depth, and children are continually able to, and challenged to, apply their skills and knowledge to reasoning and worded problems, at all age groups and levels.


Our children will learn how to calculate (add, subtract, multiply and divide), working through a ‘concrete, pictorial, abstract’ approach, which Mr Black believes secures a depth of understanding in each process.


Lane End pupils will also take part in daily fluency sessions  - this is so that their ever building instant recall of key number facts can aid them with mental calculations, help them to solve a wide range of problems and also check their work for errors.


Mr Black supports and inspires all our teachers to deliver the Lane End Maths Curriculum - so that it will enable all our children to make great progress, and gain vital mathematical skills and knowledge in an engaging and interesting way. He wants mathematical language and vocabulary to be taught explicitly within this curriculum provision, and that children are given the opportunity to understand and use them confidently, and with accuracy, in lots of differing contexts.





We teach the children to calculate (add, subtract, multiply and divide) using a Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach. 

This means that the children are able to 'see the maths' alongside written calculations and more formal pencil and paper methods. This approach is a system of learning that uses representations and manipulatives to build a child's understanding of abstract topics. 

All the class teachers were asked to think carefully and then nominate a pupil from their class that has demonstrated excellence in maths. 

Teachers considered the Lane End skills and attributes of Marvellous Mathematicians that we want to develop in our children. 

They were to put forward pupils that showed a real flair for the subject, are working hard with determination to build their knowledge, skills and understanding in that curriculum area and work with passion and enthusiasm. They were to choose children who were a learning role model for others, and deserved the recognition for this. 

Then the final nominations were in and the overall winner was chosen.