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History Champion


Miss Dales is our subject champion for History here at Lane End. She wants to make learning in History come 'alive' so that our children are excited, curious and absorbed in these lessons.


Miss Dales has been working alongside the other teachers and pupils in school to develop our History Curriculum. The topics cover all aspects of the National Curriculum as well as matching the needs of our learners and their “Big Question” for the half term.


Our children will learn a breadth of historical knowledge, acquire historical vocabulary and understanding, develop and apply their skills as a historian each year as they move through school. Miss Dales believes that our children should develop a deepening understanding of the relationship between the past and present, and how history affects us all still today.


We want the children’s learning experiences to be varied and hands on. Throughout their learning journey the children will handle and investigate artefacts from the Leeds Museum and Galleries. This is a great opportunity for the learners to use and handle actual accessioned museum objects in the classroom. We also make the most of learning opportunities outside of the classroom with visits to Abbey House Museum, Skelton Grange and Evacuee immersion days (to name a few). The children can also use a wide range of texts from the School Library Service. What a great way to use our historical skills! 


We monitor impact through Deep Dives with the support of the local authority as well as internal shallow dives. The children are involved in pupil voice where we reflect on how much they know about their current learning and how much they remember about previous learning. We also complete Book Look’s and Learning Walks.


Below is the broad overview of our Lane End History curriculum. It includes a short summary of what learning is on offer in each unit of work. These key objectives develop the children's knowledge, skills, understanding, and build and progress each year as outlined in our Progression Document. 


There is also an example of a topic 'Guide on a Page'. Here you will see some of the key historical knowledge and vocabulary they will use during their learning opportunities. 

Black History Month 2022. 

This year we chose to learn about the Leeds West Indian Carnival as part of Black History Month. We looked at the importance of the festival and how it is celebrated in our city.

Year 5 also had the opportunity to work with Boom Chikka Boom. They learnt about the history of the Festival and learnt a song and dance as well as handling some fantastic costumes.