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All the class teachers were asked to think carefully and then nominate a pupil from their class that has demonstrated excellence in History.

Teachers considered the Lane End skills and attributes of Amazing Historians that we want to develop in our children.

They were to put forward pupils that show a real flair for the subject, are working hard with determination to build their knowledge, skills and understanding in that curriculum area, and work with passion and enthusiasm. They were to chose children that were a learning role model for others, and deserved the recognition for this.

Then the final nominations were in and the the overall winner chosen.

Click below to see all the Lane End Amazing Historians!

History Champion


Miss Dales is our subject champion for History here at Lane End. She has a clear vision for this area of the curriculum in our primary  school - and wants to make learning in History come 'alive' so that our children are excited, curious and absorbed in these lessons.

She has thought carefully about the design of the Lane End History curriculum and has built learning themes and topics that are to be taught in each year group that covers all aspects of the National Curriculum and meets the needs of our learners. Miss Dales wants it to be so irresistibly interesting that it inspires all our children to want to find out more!


Our children will learn a breadth of historical knowledge, acquire historical vocabulary and understanding, develop and apply their skills as a historian each year as they move through school. Miss Dales believes that our children should develop a deepening understanding of the relationship between the past and present, and how history affects us all still today.


She is supporting all our teachers so that they provide growing opportunities for our pupils to develop independent historical enquiry skills – so they ask their own questions, investigate and generate their own conclusions.


She wants them to experience and ‘feel’ historical events wherever possible – using resources, artefacts, visitors and visit experiences – so that it will help them to build a deeper understanding and connection with the past. She has some exciting plans for whole school immersion days too !


Below is the broad overview of our Lane End History curriculum. Miss Dales has included a short summary of what the curriculum content each topic or theme covers, and then has highlighted the key objectives the children will work towards in each year group. These key objectives develop the children's knowledge, skills, understanding, and build and progress each year.


There is also an example of a topic 'Guide on a Page'. Here you will see some of the key historical knowledge and vocabulary they will learn and understand through the work they do.

Guide on a page