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Geography at Lane End Primary School

Geography Champion


Miss Blackburn is our subject champion for Geography here at Lane End, and is part of the 'The World and Words' Curriculum Team. She is passionate about this area of the curriculum  - and is determined to make learning in Geography come 'alive' so that our children are engaged and enthused about it. She has thought carefully about the design of the Lane End Geography curriculum and has built learning themes and topics that are to be taught in each year group that covers all aspects of the National Curriculum and meets the needs of our learners.


Our children will learn a breadth of geographical knowledge, acquire geographical vocabulary and understanding, develop and apply their geographical skills each year as they move through school. Miss Blackburn believes that our children should learn in depth about their own locality, and understand where this fits in the wider world picture. She wants them to experience and build fieldwork skills, and see how learning in Geography is an important part of all our everyday lives.


Below is the broad overview of our Lane End Geography curriculum. Miss Blackburn has included a short summary of what the curriculum content each topic or theme covers, and then highlights the key objectives the children will work towards in each year group. These key objectives develop the children's knowledge, skills, understanding, and build and progress each year.


There is also an example of a topic 'Guide on a Page'. Here you will see some of the key  geographical knowledge and vocabulary they will learn and understand through the work they do.