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Monarch's Mission


25 minutes; Ages 11 and under


Choose your captain and complete missions in space by learning to recognize emotions and respond to them appropriately.

Monarch’s Mission is a really useful game which has been designed to help younger children understand their emotions, facial expressions/body language and appropriate ways to cope with each emotion they face.

Memotional allows the children to explore their emotions by selecting the ‘mood monster’, ‘word’ or ‘colour’ that they feel. This then takes them to a page where there is advice and coping strategies linked with that particular emotion.

There is an activities page where children can ‘doodle’ or ‘sync your breathing’.

Additionally, the ‘My Plan’ page provides a space for the child to create their own emotion plan. They select an emotion and then create ‘ideas’ of coping strategies and activities to use when they feel that particular emotion. The explore page can help them to do this. They can then save the plan and/or print it off.