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Physical Education

PE Lead Champion


Mrs Shaw is our subject champion for Physical Education here at Lane End, and is part of the Sports, Arts and Culture Curriculum Team. She has a clear vision for this area of the curriculum in our primary school - and wants children to leave our school physically literate, having experienced many different sports and activities and with a joy and drive for regular physical activity.


She has thought carefully about the design of the Lane End PE curriculum and has mapped curriculum experiences into each year group that cover all aspects of the National Curriculum and allow a breadth of skills and PE types to be covered. Mrs Shaw wants Lane End children to be inspired through PE to engage in extra-curricular activities and for that to become a life-long habit.


The curriculum map means that children will learn a breadth of games, dance, outdoor and adventurous, gymnastic, athletic and swimming skills. They will acquire linked vocabulary and understanding and develop and apply their skills each year as they move through school. Mrs Shaw believes that our children should have opportunities to participate in competitions and a chance to shine physically.


She is supporting all our teachers so that provide growing opportunities for our pupils to progressively develop in each area of PE.


She wants them to experience engaging opportunities throughout and beyond the school day to be physically active and to understand how important this is to their physical and mental health and wellbeing.


Below is the broad overview of our Lane End PE curriculum. Mrs Shaw has also attached an overview of PE ‘topics’ covered in each year group.


There is also an example of a topic 'Guide on a Page'. Here you will see some of the key knowledge and vocabulary they will learn and understand through the work they do.