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‘Learn and Believe, Aspire and Achieve’


You can help your child become a more fluent reader and public speaker by listening to them read aloud for 10 mins every night. They have taken home 'show off' books which you will find they can read with little problem; this is in order for them to practise the above skills and to boost their confidence.


In addition to helping to improve their fluency and public speaking abilities, you can MASSIVELY help their understanding of what they are reading by asking them a question or two each time you hear them read. This can be a little scary at first as you may feel you are not sure whether you are asking the 'right' questions - but please don't worry! There is a list of question starters below to help you. And remember...any positive interaction and active interest taken in your child's learning will do wonders for their mindset, attitude to learning, confidence and self-esteem. They want to impress you more than anyone so just run with it!