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‘Learn and Believe, Aspire and Achieve’

What wonders lurk under the deep blue sea?

Reading our super Science fact files to our Year 1 friends!

In Science we have been learning about living things (animals including humans). We talked about what living things need to stay alive by learning 'MRS GREN'. Olive and Mrs Warren came to help us with our investigation by answering our super scientific questions.

Adding two 2-digit numbers.

Learning how to use various commands to program Daisy the Dinosaur!

Comparing the features of UK and non-UK beaches.

We explored different climates in the UK and abroad and how the climate changes throughout the season. Then we decided what we would wear to Blackpool in Winter compared with what we would wear to the beach in Thailand in winter!

We've been learning about algorithms to programme a computer.

Gymnastics shapes and jumps - tuck, star, straight and half turns!