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What is Tapestry? 


Tapestry is a secure, online learning journal that we use to record photos, videos and observations of your child. This is in line with the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum, to build up a record of your child's time while they are with us at Lane End EYFS. The system allows us to communicate with parents and to share their learning experiences. 


How does Tapestry work? 


The tapestry app can be downloaded onto android and apple phones. A step by step instruction guide to help you to get set up is shown below. 


Once you have downloaded the application, have provided school with your email address and agreed to the terms and conditions of using Tapestry, you will be sent an activation link to your email address. Following the link will direct you to the tapestry app, where you will be able to set up a secure password to access your child's learning journey.


All staff have their own secure login. They can then upload observations onto your child's secure learning journal. Once these have been uploaded, you will receive an email letting you know there is an observation to view. 


How do I view an observation from my child's learning journal?


Once logged in, you will see your child's observation on a home screen in a list. Click on the observation and it will take you into the observation, pictures and all the information about that learning moment. You can then comment or like the observation - and we hope you do - we love to receive comments!  



Can I add an observation from home? 


Yes, of course. Our review sessions on a morning are perfect to talk about what children have been experiencing, learning and doing at home. We love to share observations from home! To do this, log onto Tapestry, click add observation, then write some notes and click upload. We will be able to see them and talk with your child about all the lovely learning and experiences they get up to at home! 


How many observations should my child have?


All children will have varying amounts of observations. Under the new EYFS framework, importance is placed on staff spending time talking to children, teaching new vocabulary and moving their learning on,  rather than endless pictures and observations of children. We value the time spent in play with children.  Staff will happily chat with you about your child's next steps, interests, need or fascinations. Key wow moments of your child's learning journey will be documented in their learning journal. A weekly memo is also added to your child's journal so that you can see what children are experiencing, knowing and doing during their time in the setting. We also welcome parents into the setting each day to see the provision, learning and activities on offer. Talk to your class teacher if you would like any more information. 


What if my child moves settings? 


If your child either comes to us from another setting or leaves to go to a different setting, we can

securely transfer your child's Tapestry journal over. This helps the transition of children from one setting to another.


Will I receive a copy of my child's learning journal?


Yes. At the end of the Reception school year you will receive a letter and instructions for how to download your child's learning journal. If you would like for this to be printed, please speak to a member of the EYFS team. 


If you require any more information regarding tapestry, please speak with Miss Miles in the first instance. 

Tapestry for parents/relatives: Setting up your account

This video runs through how to set up your account as a parent or relative on Tapestry. Your child's school, nursery or childminder will need to initially set you up Tapestry. If you have trouble signing in, please contact your child's nursery, school or childminder.