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Music in Action at Lane End....

Music Champion

Miss Nelson is our subject champion for Music here at Lane End. She has a clear and creative vision for this area of the curriculum and hopes the children will develop a real passion for music.  Miss Nelson has used her wide knowledge of this subject to develop a curriculum that will stretch the abilities of our children and informs and inspires them to be real ‘musicians’. She wants them to be confident and fluent in practical activities and be able to retrieve these skills and apply them when asked to do so.


The curriculum covers four areas of learning- Composing, transcribing, performing and evaluating. The children will have to opportunity to explore these different areas,throughout their school journey, and make progress within each skill. The curriculum is designed for the children to immerse themselves in each area, explore their preferences, appreciate a variety of genres and compose their own masterpiece whilst learning how to play an instrument.


Children will have stand-alone lessons where they will be taught specific skills and these skills will be showcased with a performance, either for the other children in school, staff or parents. Children will learn about the different genres of music including motown, rock, classical and will evaluate these through, what we will be calling,'music appreciation'.


Below is the Lane End Curriculum Overview for Music showing the progression of the skill that our children need to be ‘musicians’!

There is an example of a ‘Guide on a Page’ which the teachers use to plan the learning for our children with the essential vocabulary and methods required.

There is also a sample of a Pupils Key Vocabulary Mat, which helps the children to understand the terminology they will be using in that unit of work.