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Safeguarding, Parent and Pupil Support

  Always here to talk  

If you have any worries or concerns regarding food, money, housing, your mental health and well-being or concerns regarding your child please contact us:


0113 8313449


or alternatively email


Please note any issues or support relating to home learning please make contact using the parents email address which you will find on your child's class page under the home learning section.

Pupil Phone Line

Meet the team


Our pastoral team at are committed to making Lane End Primary School the best place to learn, believe, aspire and achieve. The most significant role of the team is to ensure our pupils feel happy, safe and secure whilst at school.


You will see members of the pastoral team along with the senior leadership team outside before and after school. Please feel free to speak to them at any time or alternatively phone, email, come to the school office or arrange a meeting at a convenient time for you. 


Statement of Safeguarding


Lane End Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children. To achieve our commitment, we will ensure continuous development and improvement of robust safeguarding processes and procedures that promote a culture of safeguarding amongst our staff, governors and volunteers.


At Lane End, we promote a love of learning within a safe and happy school, in which every person matters. This is best achieved when we all work together to support the development of the whole child. We pride ourselves on knowing not just about our children’s learning, but about them and their families as individuals and valued members of our school and local community.


The Senior Designated Safeguarding lead person at Lane End Primary School is Mrs Hopwood (Headteacher).


The Designated Safeguarding Team consists of Mrs Hopwood, Mr Tabiner, Mrs Sadler, Mr Hawksworth and Mrs Waddington.


The designated Safeguarding Governor is Mrs V Gabriel


All adults who work in school have a responsibility to read and understand all safeguarding policies and to act within accordance of the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy at all times.


You can find this policy (Safeguarding and Child Protection) on our school website under the tab

Key Information – Policies or click 'here'

Visitors in School


All visitors in school sign in at the school office and are given an identify badge. School staff will challenge any visitor in school not wearing an identity badge.


On signing in visitors are expected to read and agree to out safeguarding policy and information.

Photographs and Videos


Whilst lots of parents and carers really enjoy seeing photos and videos of their children’s school life we are very mindful of our duty of care towards all our pupils. We take the issue of safeguarding very seriously and this includes the use of photographic and video images.


Any photographs or videos taken by parents, carers and relatives at school star of the week assembly, productions, sports days or other events are for the enjoyment of individual families. They must not be used in any way that could potentially place a child at risk. This would include publishing images in any form of print or on the internet including social networking sites. This is emphasised before concerts and shows and during such school events.


Occasionally, the local press will be invited to take photographs of school events and special achievements. We like to use photographs of our children on our website, in school documents, for parent information meetings, newsletters and on our display screens around the school. If you do not wish photographs of your child to be used for these purposes, then please contact the school office.

Advice for Children


If someone is hurting you, doing things to you against your will or being mean to you, tell someone: your parents, your friends, trusted teachers or other staff at school. You should also speak to us if you are worried about someone else – a child or an adult.



At Lane End Primary School, the staff with special training to help you to be safe are: Mr Tabiner, Mrs Sadler and Mr Hawksworth.


You don’t have to speak to those members of staff; any adult in school will be able to help you.


If you don’t wish to speak to someone in school, you have other choices. You can phone ChildLine day or night.



If you are being bullied online, or if you have any concerns about things on the internet, speak to a trusted adult, call the police or use this link:



At Lane End Primary School all our pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 also know about our special 'Let it out, let it go' boxes. The is a tool we use to support any pupil in school who needs a little check in with a member of the pastoral team. We want all our pupils at Lane End to always talk and communicate with their trusted adult in school if they have any worries, concerns or problems.