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At Lane End Primary School we believe in putting children at the centre of their learning journey. We use an enquiry approach to learning that ensures coverage of the EYFS curriculum guidance and the National Curriculum.


The Aims of our Curriculum


Our curriculum reflects the needs and interests of our children.


It is, by its nature, an evolving and flexible curriculum, that provides a progressive development of skills and seeks to build on the prior knowledge and learning of the children at our school. 


This approach ensures that all our learners acquire the necessary skills, concepts, knowledge and understanding they need to make excellent progress within school and in the wider world.


We seek to develop opportunities for pupils to become independent, take risks and be curious about the world they live in so that they will all become happy, successful and lifelong learners.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) Information for Parents

Phonics and Reading Schemes


Here at Lane End, we use a range of resources to help your child learn to read, to understand how words are built for both reading and writing.

We follow a Letters and Sounds approach in the teaching of phonics.The main resources we use to develop reading skills are the Bug Club reading scheme which we supplement with a range of other materials that will support all our children's journey to become readers.

We give our parents lots of additional information on how they can support their children in the use of these materials, and with other wider reading activities at home.

Please don't hesitate to ask at any time if you need more information, help or advice on how to help your child.