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Writing challenges

Now you have listened to the stories and watched the films try these writing challenges...


  • Make a list of all the jobs you would like a robot to do.




Create a Robot Passport. You could include some extra information like in the example below...

Choose a film clip to watch again from the literacy shed. (link above)

Write the story in your own words


Think about the different types of sentences your teacher will want to see you using.

Look at the word bank...investigate the meaning of some of the new vocabulary.

Can you include the words in your writing? 

KS2 Investigate the meaning of some of this new vocabulary. Can you include some of these words in your story writing.

OR If you liked the story of Gussie goes Bonkers Can you write a story about a Robot that goes wrong?


E.g. A New Robot for Lane End ... imagine if we got a New Robot Teacher at Lane End Primary?




Younger children can you Draw 3 pictures to tell your story about a robot.

Write a caption under each picture.

Don't forget you Capital letters and a full stop.