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Writing challenge

Write a 'thank you' letter to the people who collect your rubbish and recycling.

What could you include in your letter?

Can you think of any questions you could ask about recycling or where the rubbish goes?

How do rainbows form?

How do rainbows form? Our fun video for kids explains how they form and how to remember the colours of the rainbow! Find out more about rainbows at http://bi...

Write an explanation of how a rainbow is made.

Use the video above to help you.

Think about something you could do to help to look after the environment.

Make a poster to try and persuade people to do this.

It could be recycling, saving electricity etc.

Here are some examples drawn by other children.

Could you be a weather reporter?

Watch a weather report on the T.V

Film yourself presenting an imaginary weather forcast.