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Writing activities

Can you spot any of these trees from their leaves when you are out on a walk?

Can you write like a scientist...


Draw a picture of a tree you have found. Write a caption about it.

How big is it? What shape are the leaves? curved? spikey etc.

Does it have any flowers or seeds etc.


Research some information about each tree.

Write a fact file to include

  • lifespan (some trees live for hundreds of years) 
  • average height
  • Description of the bark, the leaves, the fruit.
  • seasonal appearance
Lots of different animals live in British woodlands. Here are just some of them...

Lots of different animals live in British woodlands. Here are just some of them...


Draw a picture of your favourite woodland creature. Write some sentences about it. 

You could tell us...

What it eats.

Where does it make its home in the wood.

any other interesting facts.


OR write a description of a wood land creature.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit read by Rose Byrne

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter and read by Rose Byrne. The quintessential cautionary tale, The Tale of Peter Rabbit wa...

Beatrix Potter wrote stories about woodland animals.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit was first Published in 1902, over 100 Years ago!

But her stories are still enjoyed by children today.

I bet Beatrix never imagined her story would become a movie too!


  • Find out about Beatrix Potter and write about her life.
  • Can you find out where she wrote her stories?
  • Which other animals did she write about?



  • Write you own woodland tale...which animals will be your characters?



Listen to the stories saved in 'Reading activities' these may give you some ideas too.






Olive has been visiting the woods too - Maybe she could meet some woodland creatures in your story...


You could use one of these story starters to write your own tale or adventure about woodland creatures.


  • It was a sunny day and the rabbits were having fun jumping in and out of their burrows. ‘Look at me’ shouted Bob as he leapt head first down a large hole. His friends watched and waited but Bob did not reappear. They peered down the hole and shouted his name. There was no reply …

       (Before you get started do you know what a burrow is?)


  • Pip yawned and stuck his head out of the tepee. The fire was still burning brightly. ‘Wake up lazy bones’ he called to Jo. There was no reply. Pip looked back into the tent. Jo’s sleeping bag was empty. Where was she? Pip looked outside again. Everything was still, nothing moved.  But his eye caught sight of a set of fresh footprints clearly visible …

(Before you get started do you know what a tepee is?)


  • Jas liked to help her mum in the woodland, checking for damage and disease. It was good fun – out in the fresh air all day – and she loved the trees and their beautiful leaves. As she carried out her inspection, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. The tree in front of her was covered in the most colourful fruit … which was very nice, but also very strange as there was nothing there at all yesterday …

(Before you get started - think about this "checking for damage and disease"

What is Jas checking for damage and disease?)