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Writing activities

Invent your own superhero...

Create a superhero identity page which tells people your superhero name, your powers, what your costume looks like and maybe even your one weakness like Superman with kryptonite!

Your page could look like this one...

We often see superheroes in comic strips. Using your own superhero or one you already know can you make a short comic strip? Remember to use speech bubbles, thought bubbles, caption and words like the one below:

There is always a villain in a superhero story. Make up your own or use one you’ve already heard of and create a WANTED poster! KS2 Can you add a paragraph to describe what crimes your villain is wanted for?

Real life superheroes are all around us.

It might be a family member, someone who looks after you., someone who works for the NHS, someone who works for the emergency services, someone who is working hard to raise money for charity plus many, many more.


Can you find out about a real life superhero who works hard to look after people, care for people, gives up their times for others and makes people feel better or just good about themselves?

Write a fact-file on that person or group of people.


Write a thank you letter for everything they do to help others.

Superheroes need to stay strong and healthy.

Can you write a healthy menu or a food diary for a superhero.


Make a superhero riddle card with clues on.

Email it to your teacher to see if they can guess which super hero you chose?


I have 8 letters in my name.

My weakness is kryptonite.

By day I work for a newspaper. 

Who am I?