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Writing activities

Write an invitation to your house for tea. Who would you invite?


Write a story where an animal comes to your house for tea.

Will it be a mouse,  a monkey or something more ferocious like a lion?


Write instructions for how to make a sandwich.

Will it have a 'normal' filling or something quite silly?


Write a recipe for a cake.

Mrs Warren made a delicious chocolate cake. What is your favourite?


Plan a menu for a VE day tea party.


Write a recount of a celebration you have had with your family (e.g a Wedding, birthday etc.)

Find out about the author Judith Kerr

If you would prefer to think about the tiger...

Write a tiger information booklet or fact file.

(There are some facts about tigers on the reading page)


Write instructions for 'How to catch a tiger' and remove it from your house.


Be a wild life reporter like Steve Backshall: Plan a report about tigers and then film yourself talking about tigers.

If you are interested in VE day look at the reading page to find out some more facts.


Write an information booklet all about VE day in 1945.