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Writing activities

Remember to use the links and stories on the main pirates page to help you with these activities. Send a photo or video of your finished work to your year group email. We can't wait to see them!


  1. Draw and label a pirate from a story, history or of your own design.
  2. Add fact file details – name, age, ship name, where they come from and 5 fun facts.
  3. Retell a pirate story you have listened to.
  4. Research pirate ships and create a poster about them adding labels or even information boxes.
  5. Write (or speak and video) instructions for how to make your treasure map look ancient and old.
  6. Create a pirate word mat. Write the pirate words you have learned and draw a picture to show what they mean
  7. Hide some ‘treasure’ and write clues for your family so they can go on a treasure hunt.