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Important Updates


-Your child needs their own water bottle (water only) every day.

Please email to contact your child's teacher.

Class Gallery

Here are a selection of photographs showing you what we have been learning about.  Have a look at the other parts of our page also, to see what we have been up to!

How to say our letter sounds

When we teach phonics, we teach the sound that the letter makes. This helps children with blending and segmenting the sounds for reading and writing. They need to listen carefully to the sounds they can hear in words. It is really important for your child to say these sounds in a 'pure' way. The video below shows you how we say the letter sounds.

Lane End Challenges


Here at Lane End, as we ‘learn and believe, aspire and achieve’, we are faced with many new experiences and challenges.

Some of these arrive as special ‘Lane End Challenges’!


Some challenges will help us to be important parts of wider teams and communities.

Some challenges will let us learn about and try new things we might never have done before – and sometimes we will have to be brave to try!

Some challenges will help us to develop new skills that we will need in everyday life.

Some challenges will make us think about our futures, and help us to develop our own hopes, goals and aspirations.

Many challenges will make us use our voices – so that we can share our ideas, and communicate what we know and think.


Look at the links below to find out what we have been up to and what we have successfully completed so far this year.



Here are some photographs of our fantastic Home Learning! Enjoy!