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Willow Class - Reception A

Lotherton Hall Trip

On Friday 18th May Lane End held their own Royal Wedding in Celebration for the Marriage of Prince Harry and Megan! Willow class were super busy all week, we made flags to wave at the parade and some union jack bunting. They had a go at designing the most beautiful dress and crowns for Megan to wear. Some of the girls made them a delicious looking playdough wedding cake and they even made a Royal wedding sand castle for Megan and Harry to sleep in. Willow class got put their smartest clothes on and we celebrated some of our own children and staff just like a real wedding!

Science week

All of Lane End celebrated science week this week with the theme of Robots! We were set a special task to create a robot family. Together we discussed what we thought a family was and how all of our families are different. We then had a go at planning our robot designs, thinking really carefully about what we could use to make them and which different materials. Finally it was time to cerate them, Willow class worked collaboratively to create some amazing Robots!

Easter celebrations!

We have been very busy preparing for Easter this week. On Wednesday we had out Easter Bake off, the children created some fantastic Easter cakes with their parents help. On Thursday we celebrated by showing off our amazing Easter Bonnets, look how fancy we look!

World Book Day

Although the weather tried to stop us we successfully celebrated World Book Day, only third try lucky! We had Olivia's Mummy come and read us Little Red Riding Hood in Polish, we made super butterflies for our' very hungry caterpillar' door and finally we dressed to impress!!!

Introduction to kickboxing

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by some kickboxers from the University of Leeds, they gave us a quick taster session on kickboxing and how kick safely!

The future cricket stars

Super writing stars!

Willow class have been writing superstars this past few weeks! We've had stories, cards and even some menus, they've been writing so much that steam is coming off their pencils!
We celebrated Pancake Day slightly early this year in Willow class. The children chose their own topping and cut the pancakes themselves talking about what shapes they had created!

Tennis superstars

Lane End were very lucky to have our special visitor Phil in yesterday, he taught the children some basic tennis skills and they were very impressed! Wimbledon here we come!

Look at our new arrivals at Lane end!

Here at Lane End we have had 4 chickens as our new arrivals, Reception have enjoyed going to visit the chickens, we had a go at feeding them and even got to see two eggs which they laid! Names are still to be decided....

Welcome to 'The Nativity'

We have loved getting mucky in our new wetsuits!

Willow class have been very busy building this half term, we have had lots of very exciting creations including an autumn house, a mountain range and a castle!
Willow class have had a fantastic first half-term. We have been getting to know each other and making friends. We have also learnt how to be a Responsible Reggie and look after our things and our classroom. There has been lots of learning and exploring in Willow class, every day is a new adventure!

Muddy Friday!