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Wider curriculum

Tuesday 21st April - Cosmic Kids Yoga

Physical Development focus to support moving freely and with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways and negotiate space successfully.

Thursday 23rd April - Talk challenge

Talk challenge - watch the video of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly and talk with your child on what is happening. What do you see? What do you think is happening?

This video is to encourage your child to notice detailed features of things in the environment and to comment or ask questions on things they observe around them. For Understanding the World, your child will be interested in things around them, talking about what they notice and starting to understand growth, decay and changes over time.

Bonus question - If you found a caterpillar, how would you look after it?

Friday 24th April


In Expressive Arts and Design, children in nursery start to enjoy joining in songs and sing songs independently. Children begin to move in response to music, experimenting in different ways to move.


Tell us what your favourite song is! You can sing or perform your favourite song and video yourself putting on a show. Will you use musical instruments? Will you dance? 


Listen to the music of your favourite song. Is it a fast song? Slow? Does it switch between fast and slow? Play the music and dance along, changing the way you move in response to how the music sounds. If it's fast you might want to move faster. If it slows down, you may want to dance slowly. You might want to twirl, spin, jump.


Have a look at a video by street dance group Diversity. They respond to the music. We see them jump, spin, dance rhythmically in time to the songs. They use their whole body to create different moves.