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This week we are learning all about, The Tiger Who Came To Tea.



 First, listen to the story under the storytime tab! 


Here are some  roarsome!! ideas  for The Tiger Who Came to Tea activities.

I wonder......

Listen carefully to the animal video, can you guess which animal it is? Talk about the different sounds that the different animals make. Which ones sound fierce? Which animal has the highest sound? Can you copy any of the animal sounds?

Memory game 

Can you play the memory game using the starter, " I went to the shop and bought a........" The next person has to remember the first person's item and add to it. See how many you can get up to? You might need to support your child by reminding them of the first sound in the word.


" I went to the shop and bought some soup." 

" I went to the shop and bought some soup and a banana."

" I went to the shop and bought some soup, a banana and a comic." And on it goes!!


You could extend this and ask your child to make a shopping list with the things they bought. Ask them to listen carefully for the sounds they can hear in the words. 



Make a toilet roll Tiger


  What a super idea using things we all have at home. Take a toilet roll and carefully cut the top and bottom to make four legs. Decorate with tiger stripes. On some paper, draw a tiger face and stick to one of the ends. 




Animals in Action

Get moving with this animal action song - can you invent your own action for an animal?