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Wider Curriculum

This week, I'd like us to have a special VE Day theme for our wider learning.


First, use this video on Monday 4th May to introduce to your child what VE day is and why it is celebrated. This year we are celebrating 75 years since the Second World Way was officially declared over.

VE Day - explained for children.

Now here's a video of the VE Day celebrations in 1945. Watch it with your adults at home. Tell me what you think the people feel. I wonder if they look sad... scared... maybe they look happy. What do you think?


I wonder who that man waving on the balcony and wearing a black suit was. He stood with three women. In the video he's later joined by another famous man. I'll give you a clue. He was in charge of our country like Boris Johnson is. 



VE Day Buckingham Palace (1945)

Wednesday 6th May - Talk Challenge


Life was different back in the 1940s. The video below shows what primary school was like in 1940s for children aged 4 and up. Some things remain the same but there are differences. Talk about anything you notice that's the same and anything that is different at school.


This will help your child to:

- Learn that they have similarities and differences that connect them to, and distinguish them from, others.

-Show interest in different ways of life.


1940s English primary school

Friday 8th May - Get Messy!


Here are a few ideas to end our week on VE Day celebrations. It is not compulsory to do all of them but here's a few ideas you can choose to do. 


- Download these wartime recipes and have a go at making them with your family. People would eat these in the 1940s. 


- Create your own Union Jack bunting to hang up around your house as decoration.


- Create your own Union Jack flag. 


Use whatever crafts you have at home. Paint, colouring pencils, fabric... anything will do!