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Arrr me hearties! 


It's pirate week at Lane End Primary School! We love to be pirates in Reception.  

I wonder if you could make a pirate hat, a flag, an eye patch or a telescope?

Maybe you could make a mermaid tail with different coloured paper or some of your brightest crayons? 






Here is a video of how to make an origami paper pirate hat using some newspaper. Make a hat, be a captain and don't forget to send us the pictures!.





How To Make A Pirate Hat Out Of A Newspaper

Popcorn and the Pirates | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Here's a cosmic kids yoga themed around pirates to get you moving!

I wonder ( time to talk.... and listen .....and move....)

Before you listen to the music ask your child, how do they think pirates would move? Why would they move like that? Would they creep, would they stomp, would they be shy or brave in their movements?

Listen to a little bit of the music - how does it make them feel? Does it make them feel brave? Adventurous? How might they move like this?

Then continue to play the music and ask your child to be a pirate! Can you send any pirate videos in to the email? I can't wait to see how imaginative and creative your little one can be. Mummy's and Daddy's you can be the captains!

Play Captains Coming

This is a really good listening game and lots of fun. The children learn the actions, someone is the captain and you shout the orders that everyone has to follow. A super game for all the family. Have a go and let us know how you got on!