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This week we are learning all about going ' into the woods'! I know how much you love a daily walk, so many of you have been enjoying a woodland walk during these times, so I think you will love this weeks activities.


1. Make a nature crown/ hat 



Take a strip of paper with you on your walk. If you have double sided sticky tape, place this around the edge, but if not, sellotape or glue will work just fine. As you find things that you would like to go on your crown, stick them on! What a wonderful design of all your treasures you will  have at the end!


2. Make a woodland animal fact sheet



Think about the animals that you might meet if you went down to the woods. Can you make a fact sheet about them? Think about drawing the animal really carefully ( you might want to use a picture of the animal to help you), the write some sentences about the animal. A grown up might help you by reminding you of the word you need next. Don't forget your finger spaces and full stops! 


3.  Make a woodland piece of art



While on a walk, why not make a piece of art. Either do it in the woods or make a collection and do it at home! Think about the patterns that you might make? What could you use? Different coloured petals, stones, sticks, moss are all lovely objects to use for a piece of woodland art. 


4.  Mud face 


If you go down to the woods you are sure to find lots of mud! Can you make a mud face with it? Pop it in a tree for other people to find! A fun, messy activity that you are sure to love!