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Wider Curriculum

It's robot week at Lane End Primary School! 

Have a go at some of these robot inspired activities!


Make a junk modelling robot


Save your boxes, tins and dig into the recycling bin! Use old boxes to create your own robot. Think about how you will fix it together, what you will use for buttons, eyes, a computer etc. Use foil to decorate if you have some. 


Fine motor practice - nuts and bolts


Robots are made with metal and need lots of nuts and bolts to put them together. An activity that we often do at school is to practice screwing nuts and bolts together. This needs adult supervision due to the little pieces, but raid your  tool box and have a go at spinning the nuts and bolts together. This is really good for little fingers and will support them in their fine motor control, just what is needed for writing! 


Toys of the past


These robots look like toys that your Mummy and Daddy might have played with. They don't look like new toys, do they? What toys do you like to play with now? Can you speak to a grown up about they toys that they used to play with when they were little and how toys have changed over the years? Talk about what they looked like, how they moved, did they need batteries, how were they similar to toys that we have now? Maybe you could make a little information book about toys from the past and toys now! 






Check out this robot dancing- it is amazing! Can you make up your own robot dancing after watching this?