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Wider Curriculum

This week's home learning is all about diversity and fairness! 


We are going to use this week in our Early Years to think about what makes us special, what makes us unique! We all have things that are special and unique to us and our families, lets celebrate it! 


Make paper doll chains


Ask a grown up to help to make a paper doll chain. Draw you and your family on the paper dolls. Think about the features of people in your family - does your brother wear glasses ? Does Grandma have a walking stick? Don't forget to draw the things that make each member of your family unique and special .





Sesame Street: We're Different, We're the Same | Read Along Series



Watch and discuss the video. Talk about the story at each page. What can you notice one the page? What is special about each picture? Talk about how you look different to your child and yet the same just like they do in the video. 



Chapatti Moon

All our families like to cook special food. What special food does your family enjoy? Can you make some of your favourite food? 


You might write a recipe to go with it, film yourself being a chef.  Can you write a list of the ingredients I would need to make your special recipe? I wish we were at school so that I could taste your recipe but I can't wait to see the wonderful things that you make. Me and my family like to make our special family 'crunchie' bake. I will post pictures of that this week!