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This week our home learning is all about Superheroes!! Superheros unite!!!!


Have a go at some of these superhero activities- learners assemble!!

Superheroes Unite (Dance-A-Long)

Have a go at defeating the bad guys in this dance a long video. See if you can follow the movements

Spider Power yoga compilation | Cosmic Kids Yoga

Would you like to have Spider-hero powers? Doing some cool yoga can make it a little bit more possible!

Superhero cape from a pillowcase


Have a go at making your own superhero cape from an old pillowcase. Make sure you only do this activity with a grown up. Ask them to find you an old pillowcase. Use your felt tips to decorate it. Be imaginative- what will your superhero name be? What will your badge look like? Will you put any other symbols on it? 


Parents carers - how to make a cape from an old pillowcase


First, choose a pillowcase the has a folded edge at the opening.  Almost all of them do.

Then, cut the pillowcase in two.  Lay the pillowcase down flat, and cut off the seam, cut along the bottom of the pillowcase, and up the third side, so you have two rectangles.


Next, cut a thin strip off of the bottom, or one side, of the pillow.  This will be the capes string.  We cut the strip from the bottom, which was good for tying the superhero cape around the back of shirts.  To tie around necks, the side strings would probably be better.

Finally, thread that cut off strip through the top of the cape (the folded down part at the opening of the pillowcase).


I cannot wait to see your pillowcase capes!!






Freeze your toys!


A fantastic play ideas for superheroes is to freeze your toys. Put them in water, freeze them overnight and then present them to your child! How will they rescue their toys? What will they need? What could they do? This activity allows children to think really creatively and use their senses, a fantastic learning idea. 



Superhero checklist


Imagine you ar ethe ultimate superhero. What will you need? Make a list of the things that you will need- think cape, lair, car, signal. Then design your underground lair. What will this be like? YOu might use a shoebox to design this and put all your superhero gadgets in. Finally draw a picture of you in your superhero outfit and let us know your superhero name!