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Monday 15th June - Art day


Here are some ideas to explore art using the cloud and the sky. The artist explored is called Georgia O'Keefe and one of her most well-known pictures is called Sky Above Clouds. Here's a photo of her artwork.

How does the picture make you feel?


What can you see?


What does it look like?


Then try these activities at home!

Wednesday 17th June - Bake Day


I have had lots of amazing photos sent in through email and tapestry on the bakes you've been making! Here's a recipe to try at home! Cooking and baking is amazing for talk opportunities because you're explaining instructions and exploring what ingredients are in your recipes. It's fantastic for early measuring skills as well.


Here's a link to making mini pizza quiches. Change fillings the way you prefer and what you and your children eat. Enjoy some yummy food together!

Friday 19th June - Get Fit!

Kids workout 1 Beginners