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Wider Curriculum

Monday 27th April - Science experiment!


Have a go at discovering which objects float and sink. In nursery, we begin to show curiosity and investigate why and how things work.


Questions to consider when discussing with your child:


- Why did it sink?

- Why did it float?

- Does size have anything do with the object floating or sinking? 

Wednesday 29th April - Identify and talk about immediate family, relations and friends


Children enjoy talking about the people we know, whether they are friends or family. In nursery they start to show an awareness of immediate family and relations, and will normally roleplay or imitate everyday actions that they see at home such as our adults cooking or chores. 


This evolves into being able to remember and talk about special events that occur in their lives of the lives of their family and friends. They may talk about birthdays or other parties that they have been to or experienced. They will talk about religious celebrations if their family participates in it.


Use the activity below to encourage your child talking about friends and family. Do they know any stories about them? Can they remember any special events?

Friday 1st May - Ramadan


During nursery we begin to learn about other religions and ways of life, beginning to notice similarities and differences between us all.


A special event is happening for Muslim families around the world. Your challenge is to find out what it is and why it happens. If you are Muslim, this is a great chance to talk about Ramadan with your adults at home to find out more about it. 


There is a video linked underneath all about this special event! But see if you can research more and find out more things with your parents and carers at home.