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ur theme this week at Lane End  is 'All Creatures Great and Small.' One of our favourite things to discover, especially at this time of year, is minibeasts. Why not try some activities around some of our smallest creatures in the animal kingdom?


Rock Bugs





Can you collect a rock on your walk ( or a selection) and turn them into rock bugs? Paint them bright, add wings, legs or even antennae! Then pop them in your own outdoor space or why not leave them on a walk for someone else to find? Take a picture and send it to the reception website so we can see your wonderful creations!


Paper plate minibeast



Use a paper plate or cut a circle in some paper and create a minibeast. Think creatively  - you could make a bee, a snail, a butterfly, a ladybird or even a wiggly worm! 


Snails are one of Mrs Widdop's favourite minibeasts. Find out more about them in this minibeast adventure with Jess. When it rains this week why not head out and see if you can find some snails. Watch them move, explore their shells and see how many you can collect?!

CBeebies: Minibeast Adventure With Jess - Snail Adventure

Yoga for WILD Kids! 🦁🐒🐉

Welcome to this selection of Cosmic Kids Yoga which will have your little wildlings feeling much calmer! Each video has a 'wild' theme with jungles, lions an...

Usually at this time of year we get some caterpillars into school to watch them transform into butterflies, then set them free. The children love watching this metamorphosis. Look at this video with your child. Chat about: 


What do you already know about the life cycle of a butterfly? 

What does a butterfly start out as? 

What happens? 

I wonder what happens inside the cocoon? 

How can we look after a butterfly? 

What did they enjoy in the video........


See if you can find any butterflies or caterpillars on your local walk and link it to what you have seen in the video! 

Metamorphosis: Caterpillar to Butterfly for Children - FreeSchool