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Week Beginning 1st June - Bears! 


Welcome back Beech and Willow nuts! This week we are thinking all about bears. Lots of our favourite stories feature bears - Goldilocks and the Three Bears, We're going on a bear hunt and Whatever next to name a few! We hope you enjoy exploring bears this week and maybe linking some of the stories to some of the activities on offer. Please remember to send pictures or videos to our email address:


and we will bob them up on the website for everyone to enjoy! 



Teddy Bear Challenges

Can you follow the moves with your teddies? Send a video to show us. Maybe Miss Miles and Mrs Widdop will have a go this week and post that for you all to enjoy!

Teddy Bear Ears 


Can you make some teddy bear ears and go on your very own bear hunt? You could ask a grown up to hide one of your teddy bears in your house or in your garden or even on your daily walk and get your grown up to give you instructions on how to find your teddy. Maybe you could make a map to help you to find it? 



Bear Hunt map


Listen to the story of " We're going on a bear hunt." 

Make a map showing all the places that they discovered as they were on their hunt. Can you make some " swishy swashy grass? " How would you make a swirling whirling snowstorm? 



Goldilocks and the three Bears activities


Can you be a responsible Reggie and make your bed on a morning? Baby bear will have had to make his bed again after Goldilocks had a snooze in it! 





Can you follow the instructions and make some porridge? What will you need? Make a list of the ingredients, follow your grown ups instructions to make the porridge, then write your own set of instructions so Mrs Widdop and Miss Miles can make some for their breakfast! 



Teddy Bears Picnic! 


The nicest thing about bears, is having a picnic for them! Decide what you need, set it out in your living room or garden and invite your favourite bears! Can you write an invitation, can you make a list of things that you would like at your picnic and think about what you will chat about at your teddy bears picnic! 



Teddy Bears Picnic

Can you make up a dance with your teddies to the teddy's bear picnic song?