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This week for our family home learning theme, we are going to look at dragons!


Can you design a dragon and label him/ her?

You could write some little sentences about it.


It has a spiky back.

She has 4 wings. 

He can breathe fire, for example.


We cant wait to see your suggestions! 




Dragon eggs! 


Get creative. Hard boil an egg and then paint and decorate them.  You might decide to make a nest with things from your daily walk and pop it in the garden then try to scare your grown up with them.

See below for ideas! 





Dragon dancing! 

When we celebrated chinese new year, we thought about dragon dancing!  Can you put on some dragon music and make a dragon dance? You might stomp, pretend to breathe fire or creep up on people! 










Chinese Dragon Dance Performance

I wonder.......


Watch a scene from ,' how to train your dragon.'


Ask your child these questions as you are watching together.


How does Astrid feel when she is on Toothless? 

Why does Toothless decide to not listen to Hiccup? 

Would you like a ride on a dragon? 

What do you think a cloud feels like? 

How does Astrid feel at the end of her ride with Toothless?

How to Train Your Dragon - Riding On A Dragon Scene | Fandango Family

How to Train Your Dragon - Riding On A Dragon: