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Why is Africa so hot?

We had so much fun learning the 4 compass directions North, South, East and West.
We worked together to read directions and followed a map to find questions that tested our knowledge about Africa.



Before we launched into our Africa topic, we enjoyed creative activities inspired by the other 6 continents, and whilst having fun we learnt lots of key facts such as which continent was the largest, wettest, coldest and hottest. Then we were lucky to get our hands on some real African artefacts. We asked questions about them, predicted what they might be and how they might have been used. We were all amazed with the tooth pick and we loved using the fan to cool ourselves down!
After learning about traditional African prints and patterns, we really loved designing and creating our own stamps to decorate a tunic.


Please ask us what we have learnt, we'd love to show off what we know!