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Who were the first people to eat chocolate?


This term we have been learning all about the Mayans. We worked very hard in groups to see if we could put the events that happened through the Mayans period into the correct order.

We also worked in groups to research about their lifestyle and we compared it to how we live today.


We took the role of becoming a Historian and researched how the Mayans lived their lives.

We have been working very hard in Maths this term on fractions!


We were given a challenge to be a 'Game Developer' again to create a Maze game using the website Scratch.

We have now learnt many new coding skills which helped us make our game more exciting and enjoyable for our audience. We also became really good at helping our friends improve their game by giving good feedback.

Our Maze games had to include

-A Sprite

-A Maze Background

-A scoring system

And if we were really up to the challenge.. we could add in more than one level.


Note to parents- Each child has their own Scratch Login and can carry on with this project at home using the link 

For any help or ideas to improve your game even further have a look at this page:

Creating our Maze Game!