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Who lives where and why?

Mind maps to show our understanding of habitats - Collaboration too!

Big Question - Can you create a habitat landscape?

This week we have been developing our art skills using pastels.  Miss Ly showed us how to use pastels to create a landscape of either a coastal or woodland habitat. 


We learnt how to blend the colours of pastels to get the intended effect.

We have then added animals that are found there. 

It was a bit messy but we loved it and the finished pieces are amazing.  Images to follow!


Big question - where do plants and animals live in the UK?

This week we are discovering the different types of habitats animals and plants live in.  We are focusing our learning on ...


     COASTAL   WOODLAND   URBAN    POND  areas in the UK.


This link explains a pond habitat

This link explains an urban habitat

This link explains a coastal habitat

This link explains a woodland habitat


Have a look by cutting and pasting the links into your internet browser!


Big Question - What makes up our world?

We have learnt that the world is made up of land and sea.  The land is split into seven CONTINENTS.  This video shows some information about the seven continents - have a look!