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Who is Chris Offili?

This term in Art we have been looking at Chris Offili's Art Pieces. We chose some of our favourites and discussed what we liked best about them. We were then given a challenge to try and draw a Chris Offili inspired work of art!

After completing our research on Chris Offili and learning how he made his paintings so unique we had a go at making our own. Can you spot which techniques we used to make them a Chris Offili inspired work of Art!


Can I Be A Game Developer?

We have been very busy in Year 5 being Game Developer's! We were given a Computing Challenge to design and create our very own Video Game! We worked very hard on this and we ensured our games were the very best they could be.

We used the 'Sketch Nation' app to create our game.

You can use this link for your child to show you their skills they have learnt on sketch nation.

We had to make sure our games had:

-Different Levels

-A creative background

-A Power-up

-A character

-An Obstacle

Some of us went on to further challenge ourselves to add sound and special effects onto our games!