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Who am I? Who is in my family?

As children settled back into nursery or joined us for the first time, we started a small mini-topic on our families and talked about ourselves. This was to encourage children to talk about their homes and families.


The children used ICT to mark make their families, drawing different relatives. It was a change from using paper and pencil to explore other media for creating marks and the children also developed their knowledge of technology by learning how to use notebook with little adult support.


We also encouraged children to draw themselves and this gave children an opportunity to talk about what they looked like, looking closely at the details on their face and thinking about factors such as eye colour and hair colour. Children also had opportunities to use loose parts as a way of being creative and making their family members or themselves.


We learnt a game called Musical Partners where we had to dance to the music and when the music stopped, we found a partner and told each other our names. This was to encourage interaction between the children and help our new nursery children meet our returners. This helped us developed skilled speaking by learning to make eye contact with our partners, taking turns and speaking in full sentences to introduce ourselves.