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Where is the greatest show on earth?

Baking in Aspen!


This half term we have been investigating different materials. We went on a hunt around school to find different objects and then work out which material they were made from. We then started to look at the properties of these materials. Some of the new words we learnt were: opaque, transparent, translucent, reflective, waterproof, absorbent and rigid. 

We became scientists for the week! First we wanted to make a waterproof jacket for Houdini. We tested 4 different materials to see which would be the most suitable, we needed a material that was waterproof and flexible. First we made predictions, then recorded our results, finally we looked at the data and evaluated it to see which was best. Then we carried out the same process again but this time testing different materials to see which would make the best stool for a strong man, we needed something strong and rigid.