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What is Autumn?

Our next theme in nursery was autumn. The children started to notice a change in the weather, saying that it was colder and they need to start remembering their coats for exploring outside.


We began to look at the changes in autumn, noticing leaves were changing colour on the trees. It helped us learn all about autumn colours such as red, orange, brown, yellow and green. In our investigation area, we set out lots of photographs about autumn, fake pumpkins and children began to bring in leaves and conkers that they had found on autumn walks with their families. 


Our observation skills developed as we explored new objects with curiosity, beginning to think of questions and make comments on what we observed. The children took a particular interest in observational drawing as they started to draw leaves, conkers and pumpkins, bringing meaning to the marks they wrote and drew and helping them think about the detail of the items.


When pumpkins and other kinds of squash began to appear in the shops, it was an opportunity for children to investigate real pumpkins and squash after talking about them for so long and only seeing photographs of them. We looked into a real pumpkin where children had a go at scooping out the seeds and using their senses to talk about what they notice. Our real squash outside was a particular interest as children continued to draw what they saw.


Conkers were placed everywhere in our nursery, both outside in the mud kitchen, outdoor water and autumn tuft tray and inside for our indoor water, malleable area and painting area. Children enjoyed using the conkers for a variety of ways such as using them for their playdough models, counting and thinking of recipes in the water.


With the addition of pumpkins, children enjoyed creating more recipes in the water area which helped them link their ideas and sequence by explaining how they were making their soups as well starting to use early mathematical skills in number and measuring.